Marrakech Day Trip

City tour

Tucked at the edge of the desert, at the foot of a fantastic rock and snow wall, the “Pearl of the south” appears as a mirage, its verdant oasis contrasting starkly with the rugged, often barren landscape of the Haouz plains. City is divided by two distinct areas: the old city, or Medina, surrounded by a long walls, and the new city Gueliz, outside the wall. The two areas are connected by numerous of gates. (Marrakech Day Trip )

Ramparts: more than 19 km in length and pierced by approximately 20 monumental gates. It was constructed by the Almoravids at the beginning of the 12th century.

The Koutoubia: the mosque dates back to the 12th century, it was constructed by the Almoravids. The 77m tall minaret, one of the highest in the Muslim world.

El Bahia Palace: construction of the palace lasted 10 years, spread out over an area of 8 hectares, it houses almost 150 rooms. Patios, interior courtyards planted with cypress and rare species vegetal, fountains and splendid pools form a veritable palace of the 19th century.

El Badi Palace: was constructed by the Saadien between 1578 and 1603, the palace was demolished in 1683, of the original structure, only pools and ruins remain to allow us to imagine its ancient splendour.

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