Essouira Day Trip

City tour

In an exceptional site at the edge of the Atlantic, an almost rocky island defying the waves. Essaouira, ancient Portuguese city, surprises by its singular architecture, its houses with blue shutters, crenellated fortifications and guns pointing to the ocean. Essaouira, known until the 18th century under the name of Mogador, was occupied by the Portuguese in the 16th century, it still keeps traces of this occupation.

The port: It was built in the 18th century. The port of Timbuktu served to connect black Africa with Europe and America. One of the liveliest places in the city when, on the way back from the multicolored fishing boats, the fish is sold at auction.

The beach: This beach is known by the adventurers lovers of windsurfing, surf kit …

The Sakala: Founded for military purposes, she watched the ocean and preserved the city from attack by sea with a collection of European bronze cannons aimed at the ocean.

Fish Souk: There are different varieties of fresh fish coming directly from the port, it can be eaten on the spot, grill at the bottom of the market.

Jewelers Souk: With their unique style, these real craftsmen make their own jewelery. Essaouira is known by the sculpture on money.

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